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June 12, 2013

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Kenyataan tun daim yang tidak di translate oleh mana-mana laman web berbahasa melayu...

Please analyse the result for Selangor. Far from what we expected, BN lost more seats and more popular votes this time despite of thousand good efforts had been put?

Selangor was a disaster. When I got feedback on the problems on the ground, I sent many messages to the leadership. I spoke to Zain (Mohd Zain Mohamed, the BN Selangor Election Director). 

He assured me of victory, totally ignoring the voices on the ground. His own Ketua Pemuda stood against him and so many ketua bahagians campaigned against him.

I think Zain was a wrong  choice. He was dropped from Cabinet by Najib because obviously he didn’t think much of his ability and then you appoint him as Selangor UMNO Secretary. I don't understand Najib’s logic. 

When you all asked me at the last interview, I said there were problems of wrong candidates. Ketua Bahagians’ were not happy. Among UMNO (members) sabotage was everywhere. I told Zain a list of state seats that were in trouble. 

Zain said yes a bit of problem but BN would win. In all those seats that were in my list, BN lost. 

With wrong candidates not going to the ground, ignoring divisional chiefs, not visiting your members and voters, sabotage, you couldn't win.

These people are amateurs. They are silly people. They think they are clever and throw money around. Better give to charity. 

Why BN allowed stupid events like these? People are insulted because they knew you thought they could be bought with money, concerts and dinners.  

So they came to relax, have free makan and  be entertained. This is an election. It’s a serious matter. Let Anwar be the entertainer.

Oleh Tun Daim Zainudin Mantan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas, Artikel Yang Disiarkan Dalam Akhbar China Press dan aku kutip di blog A. Kadir Jasin... 


Jane Duncan said...

Itulah pemimpin kalau dah buta hati, tak mahu langsung mendengar rungutan rakyat bawahan. Kenapalah lantik orang yang langsung tak peduli rakyat bawahan ni jadi koordinator BN Selangor! Terlingkup BN (UMNO) Selangor dibuatnya. Sekarang suruhlah dia bungkus dan jangan menyibok lagi!

Anonymous said...

Menunjukkan sikap bodoh lg sombong pemimpin UMNO. DS Najib tak ambil peduli pandangan, cadangan & kritikan yang benar. Sikap terlalu percaya kepada orang tanpa rasa was-was tentang realiti. Over confident sangat. Akibatnya UMNO kecundang di Selangor. BIla agaknya DS Najib nak sedar kesilapan sendiri ?