Zahid: Undang-Undang Baru Bukan Untuk Orang Politik...


Anonymous said…
Hari ini si Suaram-HARAM-KEJADAH buat hal lagi - hantaq memo-BANGANG bantah udg-undg baru yg. dirangka KDN ini!

Yg. herannya si Suaram ini tak berdaftar, dan sepatutnya mana-mana NGO/parti yg. ditaja Barat-Israel7Zionis, dan MENIPU, termasuk kutip derma walau tak berdaftar sbg. NGO, mesti ditutup dan diHARAMKAN! Kerana ini amat membahayakan KESELAMATAN/KEDAULATAN Islam/umatnya dan bumi PUSAKA tercinta kita ini, warisan dan korban berzaman (dari sebelum dijajah British lagi) nenek moyang BUMIPUTERA Melayu/Islam dan BUMIPUTERA lain!

KDN kena buka balik siasatan ke atas Suarma, Malaysiakini dan mana-mana NGO/media yg. dpt. tajaan Barat-Zionis; lihat di, Foreign-funded Suaram Accused of Paying Bribes for State Secrets, 06 October 2012:

The Opposition-friendly Suaram is already under investigation for allegedly filing misleading accounts that cover up RM100 million it received in foreign funds. But now it faces a far more serious allegation that strikes at the heart of our national sovereignty.

The Home Ministry is investigating claims that a senior civil servant received bribes from Suaram in return for supplying them with classified government documents. Many of these documents are said to top secret papers and both receiving them and acting on their contents is a very serious crime.
…..Firstly, the obvious national security concerns of such information falling into the wrong hands. There can be no defence of "public interest" when the material involved is so sensitive.
Secondly, the allegation that Suaram paid for the papers. That means it cannot defend itself on the grounds that a well-meaning official leaked it the information. The action involved is bribery.

Thirdly, the fact that Suaram styles itself as a human rights NGO that draws attention to Government mismanagement and corruption. If it has paid money for these documents it has actually commissioned the very type of conduct it has condemned in the past. This would be hypocrisy in the extreme.

And finally, given concern about the role of foreign donors in Suaram, the question must be asked: Who beyond our shores is gaining access to our state secrets? There is a national security aspect to this case that cannot be ignored.

……These most recent developments will turn the spotlight back on Suaram, its foreign backers and their motives. It's already known that one of the groups that has allegedly funded Suaram to the tune of RM20 million, the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is accused of playing "a significant role in attempting to destabilise legitimate governments and replace them with client proxies."

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has also expressed concern about the RM774,000 Suaram received from international currency speculator George Soros through his Open Society Institute. The motivation behind this donation says Dr M, is that Soros wants to pick the next Malaysian PM…..

Makcik Sambal Belacan – PERTAHAN Islam dan umatnya, Raja-Raja Melayu/PM/UMNO/Bahasa Melayu/K‘jaan BN, hak BUMIPUTERA Melayu dan BUMIPUTERA lain; dan hak orang miskin dari semua bangsa yang hormat Islam, dan bangsa dan hak Bumiputera.

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